Artisanal Salts - Salt Cellar Gift Set



Our new Foundation Salt Set includes three hand selected salts as well as our own very popular small Classic Salt Cellar!

This set comes gift wrapped in a handmade pine presentation box.


The Meadow is the authority on hand crafted artisan salts, which is why we asked them to assemble a small collection of their best selling varieties:

Meadow Fleur De Sel:

Hand harvested in Guatemala from the very same salt pans that supplied the Mayan Empire. Meadow Fleur De Sel has delicate crystals which provide a satisfying crunch and delicate mineral taste.

Meadow Sel Gris:

Ideal for roasting and grilling meats, sprinkled on vegetables, or any recipe where a fine general purpose salt is required.

Meadow Flake:

Hand harvested in the Mediterranean Sea. The massive pyramid crystals have a brilliant silver color and an intensely salty taste. Meadow flake adds a startling texture to food, and it also happens to be the perfect cocktail rimming salt.

This Culinarium concrete container stands about 2" high with a diameter of about 2.75".

This cellar was designed and crafted due to frequent requests for a slightly more diminutive cellar that is a bit more suitable for table service.

All of our items are one of a kind. We cast each unit in a hand made mold for about a week. We then hand burnish each, and then apply three coats of our own FDA approved sealer.

This item is not composed of typical concrete. It has taken us years to perfect this mix design. All of our concrete items are composed of an advanced cementitious mix which utilizes extremely small particulate, very little water, and reactive recycled pozzolans...The result is an incredibly strong, smooth, and tactile surface that is more similar in physical characteristics to ceramic or aluminum than it is to concrete!

Please note: While our concrete mix design yields an aesthetically predictable product, our concrete can display slight variation in color and in texture. This creation will only get better with age, developing rich character and patina as it ages. Because cement cures at an asymptotic rate, all of our concrete products actually get MORE durable as the years go by!